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The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a watchdog with no loyalty beyond Silicon Valley.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is only against government surveillance, it's not against corporate surveillance. In the surveillance debates in which the EFF takes a prominent part, it only takes a principled stand when the government is involved, when it's the government surveilling Americans or American corporations. It completely recedes from view when the issue is private surveillance, and the need to regulate corporate spying on the internet.

Journalist Yasha Levine looks behind the false front of the Electronic Frontier Foundation - a libertarian Silicon Valley advocacy group whose commitment to fighting surveillance depends on who is doing the spying, and a corporate front promoting business interests as progressive policy, while normalizing and advancing private data collection.

Yasha wrote the article All EFF’d Up: Silicon Valley’s astroturf privacy shakedown for The Baffler.

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Yasha Levine

Yasha Levine is an author and investigative journalist. His book Surveillance Valley will be out in 2018.


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