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Jul 7 2018

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Jacob Hamburger

What direction for the French left? La France Insoumise's populism problem.

Journalist Jacob Hamburger examines the present state and future choices of France's left wing insurgent movement La France Insoumise - rebelling against the failures of France's mainstream socialist party and the successes of its center right neoliberal president, and wavering between chasing populist energy and uniting a splintered French left.

Jacob wrote the article Whose Populism? The Mixed Messages of La France Insoumise for Dissent.



Anna-Lisa Cox

When Black farms blossomed on the American frontier.

Historian Anna-Lisa cox traces the westward journey of America's Black pioneers - as a first Great Migration of African American farming settlements spread across the Midwest, free Black families experienced new levels of self-determination and prosperity in frontier communities, as well as a White backlash against their advancements.

Anna-Lisa is author of The Bone and Sinew of the Land: America's Forgotten Black Pioneers and the Struggle for Equality from PublicAffairs.



Eileen Truax

We've been building a wall against immigrants for decades.

Journalist Eileen Truax explores the political battleground of immigration in the Trump era - from the harsh realities of US immigration, asylum and detention procedures, to the made-in-the-USA interventions of capital and military violence that drive people from their homes in the first place.

Eileen is author of We Built the Wall: How the US Keeps Out Asylum Seekers from Mexico, Central America and Beyond from Verso.



Yasha Levine

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a watchdog with no loyalty beyond Silicon Valley.

Journalist Yasha Levine looks behind the false front of the Electronic Frontier Foundation - a libertarian Silicon Valley advocacy group whose commitment to fighting surveillance depends on who is doing the spying, and a corporate front promoting business interests as progressive policy, while normalizing and advancing private data collection.

Yasha wrote the article All EFF’d Up: Silicon Valley’s astroturf privacy shakedown for The Baffler.



Jeff Dorchen

Scientific thoughts on space and time, which may be related somehow.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen delivers a breakthrough scientific discovery - that time and space might be related to each other, and to driveways and combination locks and paintbrushes and stoners and bank vaults and imaginations and technology and death and apologies and Moment of Truth. Breathtaking.

Read the transcript here