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Inside America's growing, doomed White nationalist movement.


When we attack these people as monsters, or use violence against them - I think we're elevating their rhetoric to a level it doesn't deserve. I think if we meet intolerance with intolerance, I think we're doing ourselves a disservice. I think we should protest, I think we should march, I think we should ridicule, but we need to defeat this on an intellectual level. We need to show our arguments are better and more persuasive than theirs.

Journalist Vegas Tenold follows the rebirth of White nationalism in 21st century America - as a subset of reactionary affinities diagnosing class problems with incoherent racist theories, and an at-times useful tool for a political class that has been ruling the nation through the policies of White supremacy just fine on its own.

Vegas is author of Everything You Love Will Burn: Inside the Rebirth of White Nationalism in America from Nation Books.

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Vegas Tenold

Vegas Tenold is a US-based Norwegian journalist. He has covered the far right in America for years, as well as human rights in Russia, conflict in central Africa and the Middle East, and national security.


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