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Andrew Cuomo's resistance costs him little, and offers voters about the same.

Feb 10 2018

They want to make sure that the left, social democratic / socialist wing of the grassroots of the Democratic Party never gets to have any political power. So they're going to do whatever they can to shut that down. And I think they'd rather lose in races than let this Bernie wing win, because they're desperately trying to hold on to their power despite the fact that Democrats aren't polling that well.

Political scientist Susan Kang looks beyond the progressive illusion of Andrew Cuomo to the political realities of New York's governor - a centrist actor able to position himself against Trump while blocking progressive climate and healthcare legislation, and selling means-tested, technocratic fixes to a public that didn't buy it in 2016 and probably won't in 2020.

Susan wrote the article The Case Against Cuomo for Jacobin.

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Susan Kang

Susan L. Kang is an associate professor of political science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.


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