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Narcopolitics, electoral collapse and the perpetual US hand in Honduras.


When you look at US policy in Latin America, we've justified our involvement through the Cold War, through the Drug War, more recently through immigration and the war on terrorism - and yet our policies remain largely the same. You see different justifications for our involvement, and yet on the ground the result is a continuing militarization and continuing support for an economic program that has failed over the course of decades.

Journalist Jake Johnston reports on a drug trafficking investigation implicating the Honduran Minister of Security, and connects the larger crises of current Honduran politics - the 2009 coup and its corrupt government, violent repression of protestors and the consolidation of military and political power into one party - to decades of Washington approval, and aid, for the ruling elite.

Jake wrote the article Top U.S.-Backed Honduran Security Minister Is Running Drugs, According to Court Testimony for The Intercept.

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Jake Johnston

Jake Johnston is a Research Associate with the Center for Economic and Policy Research.


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