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A joy and a fire: On the power and possibility of Black radical thought.


It's a useful way to understand how to generate new dreams about freedom, it's an incredible history of that generation and re-generation of social imaginaries, and it's also in our present day a roadmap to what's possible in the future. A lot of people say 'has it been achieved, isn't that the measure of its success?' The measure of its success is that it continues to endure, and these democratic visions never die.

Gaye Theresa Johnson and Alex Lubin explore the power and possibility of Black radical thought - as a site of resistance against racial capitalism, as a blueprint for alternative ways of organizing in the face of oppression, and as a deep pool of knowledge and experience to draw from in the present and future fight against White supremacy and all forms of oppression.

Gaye and Alex edited and contributed to the essay collection Futures of Black Radicalism from Verso.

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Alex Lubin

Alex Lubin is an author and Professor and Chair of American Studies at the University of New Mexico.



Gaye Theresa Johnson

Gaye Theresa Johnson is an author and Associate Professor of Black and Chicana/o Studies at UCLA.


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