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Building a working class green movement with the jobs we already have.


We should be thinking much more broadly about what kinds of jobs people do that are part of building an economy and society that is low-carbon but high quality of life. Instead of just focusing on jobs seen as in conflict with the environment, there are a lot of kinds of work that are part of having a society that is not environmentally destructive - things like carework and teaching and healthcare - jobs that are typically done by women, but not jobs people think of in the jobs vs environment dichotomy.

Jacobin editor Alyssa Battistoni looks beyond the non-politics of the Democratic Party's response to the looming disaster of climate change, and towards the possibilities of a mass movement directed at addressing both jobs and the environment, building solidarity between today's workers and creating tomorrow's economy on a platform of less emissions, less work, and more care.

Alyssa wrote the article Living, Not Just Surviving for Jacobin.

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Alyssa Battistoni

Alyssa Battistoni is an editor at Jacobin and a PhD student in political science at Yale University.


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