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All politics are identity politics: On class and consciousness, today and tomorrow.


One of the divides is between people who can imagine a future at all, and people who can't. People who don't have any kind of livable vision for a world in which they and their children and friends can exist in the future can only count the present in terms of what they've lost. That's not just a question of individual character or choice - I think that responsibility for a different kind of storytelling, for a different vision of a future that we can live in together - that is a responsibility of the left as a whole.

Writer Laurie Penny discusses inseparable nature identity and politics in a time of online male fragility and IRL existential precarity, and explains what the left can learn from Hunter S. Thompson and Andrea Dworkin about recognizing bias and oppression in this world, as we dream about other, possible worlds in our future.

Laurie's collection of essays, Bitch Doctrine: Essays for Dissenting Adults is out now from Bloomsbury.

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Laurie Penny

Laurie Penny is a writer, journalist and activist.


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