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No one on the Korean peninsula wants a war but the United States.


When we see North Korean missile tests, we never see the other side of the story - twice a year the world's largest military exercises conducted by the US and South Korea, that involves hundreds of thousands of troops, B-1 bombers dropping dummy munitions, simulating the invasion of North Korea, surgical strikes on nuclear reactors, and 'the decapitation' of North Korea's leadership. From the North Korean perspective, they feel justified in the pursuit of a nuclear weapon program.

Writer Christine Ahn examines the politics of war and peace on the Korean peninsula - from the decades of American-led economic isolation and military provocation we accept as the status quo, to the reconciliation efforts of civilians and politicians on the peninsula, consistently thwarted by the US military-political-media machine.

Christine wrote the article  The High Costs of US Warmongering Against North Korea for Truthout.

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Christine Ahn

Christine Ahn is a writer, organizer and founder of Women Cross DMZ.


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