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How the climate movement could remake the Democratic Party.


The leadership of the Democratic Party is incapable of doing their jobs, and I think we do need this low carbon, multi-racial populism that can inject the Democratic Party with a winning spirit - not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it's the strategic thing to do - to articulate a message for Americans who really do feel left behind, who have not been included in what this country's vision of success looks like.

Journalist Kate Aronoff explains why the growing, grassroots climate movement looks like the diverse, populist wave America needs to defeat Trumpism and divert the most cataclysmic aspects of global warming, but its first step is recapturing the Democratic Party from feckless elites and refocusing its policies towards economic, as well as environmental, justice.

Kate is author of the cover story The Climate Movement Goes to War with Trump at In These Times.

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Kate Aronoff

Kate Aronoff is a writing fellow at In These Times and a contributing writer at The Intercept.


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