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Flooding in East Kentucky / Tarence Ray


Two of our senators are Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. Two people who are more responsible than a lot of others when it comes to taking off the regulatory shackles on the coal industry and on any fossil fuel industries at all ... In the wake of something like this it's kind of difficult to immediately rush out of the gates and immediately to start to assign blame, because it's a very painful and very traumatic experience. And people are still reeling. But I think that all you have to do is look at who is hardest hit and what it did to the more impoverished communities and see what is coming down the pike for the future...And you look at the flooding in Pakistan right now too. This is something that's happening all over whether it's flooding or drought. It seems pretty undeniable at this point. It's an example of how you can't just have an Environmental Science or Liberal approach to this and just say 'It's Climate Change.' I think you also have to look at the material conditions on the ground of what people have had to deal with over decades.

We have on Tarence Ray from the Trillbilly Worker's Party podcast to discuss the devastating effects of recent flooding in Eastern Kentucky and how the government response affected the poor and working class.

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Tarence Ray

Tarence Ray is a writer and cohost of the podcast Trillbilly Worker’s Party.


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