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Understanding the political realities of the international fight against climate change.


I think we sometimes tend to get caught excessively focusing on the strict levels of the climate target. Of course climate targets are essential, however they're important only to the degree that we can actually deliver against them. As such, I care more about the speed and scale of action to deliver a low-carbon, and perhaps ultimately, a zero-carbon economy.

Live from Stockholm, Mikael Mikaelsson discusses the state of the global fight against climate change - from a practical analysis of the COP21 Paris Agreement framework, to the relationship between government targets and market trends - and explains why the left must work to depoliticize global warming and build a consensus around green energy.

Mikael really recommends getting out on the street for the People's Climate Movement March on April 29th.

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Mikael Mikaelsson

Dr. Mikael Allan Mikaelsson is a government adviser on science and innovation policy and international collaboration across Europe, in the area of low carbon energy.


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