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Cutting off the nose to spite the nose: A Brexit report from London.


I hate to drift along with the standard press narrative, but it's tough not to see that there's an awful lot of people in Britain who feel fundamentally left out of anything important happening in the world, and just want to punch it in the face. And so if you give them an opportunity, they'll do it - even if they end up punching themselves in the face.

Live from London, David Skalinder delivers his final Irregular Correspondent report from the UK, fittingly on the Brexit - explaining why the vote became a referendum on immigration and mobility within integrated Europe, how "Leave" went from the position of eccentric cranks to a majority of voters, and what the stunning decision reveals about working class anger and cultural capital in 21st century Europe.

David previously said goodbye to London earlier this month in this segment about the city.

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David Skalinder

David Skalinder dreams of an agile and compelling ideology of the left; but that’s a quiet beat, so he usually reports on the nimble American right, the lumbering institutional left, and the confused frustration of everybody else on both sides of the Atlantic.


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