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Not afraid of socialism: A young person's guide to revolution.


People's minds are more open. We've broken the stranglehold that Democrats and Republicans had on the American political imagination. That's good, but it's a complete starting point. I'm not in love with any politician and I don't think anyone should be. The only way government ends up doing things radical enough, or re-distribution-ist enough to impact American society, is when forced to do so by large movements of organized people.

Sarah Leonard and Bhaskar Sunkara explain why the current economic landscape - of crippling debt, starved social programs, general existential precarity - has young activists looking beyond mainstream party politics for both the tools of organizing, and the type of future they want for themselves and the rest of the world.

Sarah and Bhaskar both edited and contributed to the essay collection The Future We Want: Radical Ideas for the New Century from Metropolitan books.

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Bhaskar Sunkara

Bhaskar Sunkara is the founder and editor of Jacobin.



Sarah Leonard

Sarah Leonard is a senior editor at The Nation and a contributing editor at Dissent Magazine and The New Inquiry.


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