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A tour of repression and paranoia, from Egypt to Jerusalem.


A lot of my friends who had been protesting in Tahrir Square, who had been facing policemen and tanks, were now sort of happy with President al-Sisi's regime, which seemed to me to be Mubarak version 2.0. Going back to Egypt, I can confirm it's Mubarak 2.0 and maybe worse, but there's a desire to see a return to stability.

Live from Mumbai, Irregular Correspondent Valérie Bergeron reports on her trip through the Middle East, where she witnessed resignation and paranoia set in among Egypt's democracy protesters, and panic and fear grip Jerusalem in the first week of the "Knife Intifada."

Valerie is travelling through the Middle East and Asia after graduating from law school.

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Valerie Bergeron

Valerie Bergeron is doing her master's in international human rights law at the University of Oxford. She is currently working as a public defender in the North of Québec. She will be sworn in as a lawyer in december 2016.


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