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Katrina destroyed a Black city, and New Orleans rebuilt a White city.


There's a hundred thousand less African Americans than living in New Orleans today than at the time of Katrina - and we're talking about a city of 455,000. And five years after Katrina you had a White mayor, a White super-majority on the city council, a White police chief, a White prosecutor, White control of the school board, and Whites in charge of public housing.

Journalist Gary Rivlin explains how Hurricane Katrina exposed massive racial fault lines across New Orleans, and why the rebuilding process reinforced structural inequality - from loss of Black political power and public assets to a government response that ignored Black lives in favor of free market urban development.

Gary is author of the new book Katrina: After the Flood from Simon & Schuster.

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Gary Rivlin

Gary Rivlin is journalist, author and an investigative reporting fellow at The Nation Institute.


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