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Politicians are politicians. Politicians are not your friends. Don't forget!


The idea that politicians in general and Democrats in particular are people we need to defend because the other option is worse is allowing our politicians to get worse.

Journalist Sarah Jaffe examines recent moments in Democratic cynicism, from a Bernie Sanders non-moment at Netroots Nation to Andrew Cuomo’s two-faced Fight for $15 victory lap, and explains why we can’t let politicians take credit for the work of activists, organizers, and regular pissed off people pushing for a voice and a vote in American politics.

Sarah wrote the article  Politicians Are Not Our Friends for Dame Magazine.

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Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe is a reporting fellow at the Nation Institute and the co-host of Dissent magazine's Belabored podcast. Her first book, Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt is available now from Nation Books.


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