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The USA Freedom Act is a tiny, ineffectual, first step to ending the American surveillance state.


For the first time since the 1970s, we actually have a piece of legislation that is intended to act as a restraint on the intelligence agencies. A lot of members of Congress recognize that the USA Freedom act is a first step, and that they need to go much further in rolling back the authority that intelligence agencies have.

Civil liberties advocate Sue Udry looks beyond the Patriot and USA Freedom Acts to the end of the American surveillance state, explains why the American people deserve a full audit of government spying programs, and how it will take way more than just voting to get it.

Sue wrote the article Next Step After USA Freedom: Repeal the Surveillance State for the Defending Dissent Foundation.

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Sue Udry

Sue Udry is Executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the Defending Dissent Foundation.


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