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To fight austerity and forge a new democratic movement in Spain, Podemos looks to Latin America.


Latin America had been suffering the wrath of the World Bank and IMF for quite some time, and Iglesias and others found out very quickly that Spain would endure the same wrath very soon. So they felt a kinship with places in Latin America, and with the popular movements that these countries were trying to construct.

Writer Bécquer Seguin explores the connection between Podemos and a generation of leftist politics in Latin America, and explains how the party is reclaiming ideas of populism and national unity from the dark legacy of Francisco Franco.

Bécquer’s latest writing is Podemos’s Latin American Roots for Jacobin and Can Podemos Win in Spain? for The Nation.

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Bécquer Seguín

Bécquer Seguín is write, literary critic and Assistant Professor of Iberian Studies and an affiliated faculty member of the Center for Advanced Media Studies and the Program in Latin American Studies at Johns Hopkins University.


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