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A McKinsey Whisteblower Spills the Beans / Garrison Lovely

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If you're working at McKinsey and you are consulting for an organization, there's no expectation that you actually agree with what they're doing. There's just this moral abdication of responsibility. You're just a mercenary. You're there to help the client do whatever they do. Somehow, if you're participating in implementing some decision, that's the result of a policy choice or the process of politics that you're not participating in policy or politics. I think this is just a fiction.

Chuck interviews Garrison Lovely on his article at The Nation Magazine, "Confessions of a McKinsey Whistleblower: Inside the soul-crushing, morally bankrupt, top-secret world of our most powerful consulting firm."

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Garrison Lovely

Garrison Lovely is a writer and host of the new podcast The Most Interesting People I Know.


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