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Return trip: On the future of psychedelic drugs in America.


The religious or spiritual experiences people sometimes have around psychedelics are often marked by a profound sense of connection to everyone around you, to the planet itself - this deep understanding that we're all part of a connected eco-system and dependent on each other. That kind of understanding is really important in solving collective action problems like climate change. I don't know if it's the silver bullet, but it certainly can't hurt.

Writer Garrison Lovely explores the past and future politics of psychedelic drugs in America - after a generation of post-60s repression from the ruling class, the therapeutic and transformation potential of psychedelics still calls to a culture on a bad trip of isolation, fear and deep existential crises on the horizon.

Garrison wrote the article Make America Trip Again for Current Affairs.

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Garrison Lovely

Garrison Lovely is a writer and host of the new podcast The Most Interesting People I Know.


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