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India is not Ready for Global Warming / Kamala Thiagarajan

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In areas with a lot of cloud cover where it is very hot there is a combined effect of heat and humidity. And in those areas wet bulb temperature rise. Wet bulb temperatures are always deceptively lower than dry heat. So dry heat in India this summer during this heat wave might have already been up to 46C in northern India, that is about 110F. But in Southern India the temperatures were not that high, but our wet bulb temperatures were really really high, because a lot of that has to do with the ocean warming as it is. And so our heat was a mixture of sticky heat and humidity. And I can just tell you what it feels like. It feels like the heat is a tangible presence. It is just everywhere. It is the first thing you think about when you step out of a climate-controlled area. It is this invisible cloak that wraps itself around you, and it gets heavier and heavier. And this heat is a real problem, an immediate problem. And we are not ready for this. Something has to be done there, especially to protect the workers.

Chuck welcomes independent journalist, and Wire magazine contributor Kamala Thiagarajan to talk about her aritlce "India is not Ready for a Deadly Combination of Heat and Humidity."

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Kamala Thiagarajan

Kamala Thiagarajan is based in Madurai, South India. She works as a freelance journalist with twenty years of reporting experience. Her articles delve into a wide range of issues, exploring science, environmental policy, health, human rights and culture.

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