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Hadas Thier / Cryptocurrency Will Not Liberate Us

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There is increased attention being paid to the question of cryptocurrency and financial colonialism, both internally in terms of who is benefiting at whose expense but also globally in terms of colonial relationships. For example, in the Pacific Islands which have become a tech-frontier for blockchain, a lot of that has to do with with tax shelters and tax-free economic development zones and a place to experiment with that technology in the developing world at the expense of fragile economies and environments.

Writer and activist Hadas Thier talks about her Dollars & Sense article "Cryptocurrency Will Not Liberate Us." Cryptocurrency is heralded as a new bringer of financial equality when in reality the digital currency markets benefit only a very small number of people while wreaking havoc on the global environment and increasing global inequalities harshly rather than decreasing them.

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Hadas Thier

Hadas Thier is an activist and writer.


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