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Powering the world we want: Democratic energy and the Green New Deal.


Right now in the Georgia, it's cheaper to to build and operate new solar farms than it is to run the coal plants that already exist. But the solar panel factory building those cheap solar panels is not what actually changes a society's energy infrastructure - that's going to take massive political mobilization to bankrupt the coal companies, to make sure the workers in the mines have pensions secured and jobs to move to that pay as well, and to break the cartel of these fossil fuel investor-owned utilities refusing to make change - and to instead impose a better system.

Sociologist Daniel Aldana Cohen explores the possibilities of a democratic energy policy under the Green New Deal - as a radical reorganization of the nation's carbon infrastructure in the face of ecological disaster, and a revolutionary restructuring of society towards an egalitarian vision of justice and wealth by and for all people.

Daniel is co-author of A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal from Verso Books.

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Daniel Aldana Cohen

Daniel Aldana Cohen is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he directs the Socio-Spatial Climate Collaborative.


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