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On the possible futures of water - as law, as right, as commodity.


Water is tightly connected with all of the other things we take as separate - the economy, the law, the institutions we have in our society to allow us to live collectively, the idea that we should pay for some things and should not pay for other things, the idea that you should go to court if you have a problem with a neighbor rather than solving your problems in some other way - water is all of that.

Anthropologist Andrea Ballestero examines the future of water on planet Earth - as a human right to be sustained and protected for the common good, or as a commodity subject to the demands and crises of capitalism - and the social and political processes behind each process.

Andrea is author of the book A Future History of Water from Duke University Press.

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Andrea Ballestero

Andrea Ballestero is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Rice University.


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