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These were the happiest days of my life: On Portugal's Carnation revolution.


What we saw in Portugal in 1974 and 1975 was men and women fighting together, Black and White people fighting together, shanty towns and highly qualified workers fighting together. The working class was able to have a universal project of changing society. Contrary to Stalinism in the 30s, the Portuguese road to socialism was full of liberty. It shows that workers can take power, can organize themselves within liberty.

Historian Raquel Varela explores the work and the workers behind Portugal's 1974 revolution - after a military coup ended 48 years of authoritarian control, the impoverished working class transformed society - and themselves - through a social revolution both within and beyond the state.

Raquel is author of the book A People's History of the Portuguese Revolution from Pluto Press.

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Raquel Varela

Raquel Cardeira Varela is a Professor at New University of Lisbon, and Senior Visiting Professor at the Fluminense Federal University.


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