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The hollow centrist: Joe Biden's four decades working against the working class.


What Joe means by bipartisanship is agreeing with the Republicans on cutting Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid - he's said that on a number of occasions. That's what Joe means by bipartisanship. He was very proud of the bipartisan way that he fought to lock up millions of Black people with his crime bills in the 80s and 90s. That was a beautiful exercise in bipartisanship as far as he was concerned.

Journalist Andrew Cockburn reviews 43 years of Joe Biden-inflicted disaster on the world - as a lazy, corrupt servant of the political establishment with a long history of betraying the working class, and as the 2020 presidential candidate working just as hard (for him, at least) to defeat the left as he is challenging Donald Trump.

Andrew wrote the Letter from Washington No Joe! Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy for Harper's.

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Andrew Cockburn

Andrew Cockburn is a writer and Washington Editor of Harper’s magazine.


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