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Building Duterte's surveillance machine: IBM in Davao City, Philippines.


There's a lot of attention on China - and there should be because they're on the cutting edge of a lot of overlapping surveillance technologies - but the public should also obviously pay attention to the numerous surveillance technologies created through American counter-terrorism and military operations, which then eventually seep back through the private sector to surveillance operations on the US public. And in some cases, as in the case of this IBM technology, start through development in the US and go abroad.

Journalist George Joseph explores the surveillance machine IBM built for Rodrigo Duterte - as the Philippine president builds power and support through a bloody, often extra-judicial drug war aimed at the lower class, IBM supplied an authoritarian government with a surveillance program that expanded the state's ability to track citizens in real time.

George wrote the article Inside the Surveillance Program IBM Built for Rodrigo Duterte for The Intercept.

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George Joseph

George Joseph is an investigative reporter at WNYC.


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