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Anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and a challenge from the radical left.


The way to defeat anti-Semitism is not to further entrench its logic by hunkering down in its binaries. The way to defeat the logic of anti-Semitism is to refuse it. To say that the real dividing lines that separate us in the world are between those who are interested in the maintenance of power and oppression and alienation and exploitation, and those who seek a world of human freedom universally - free of structures of domination.

Writer Barnaby Raine examines the true nature of anti-Semitism in contemporary society - as a convenient mask for the symptoms of exploitation and dispossession at the heart of all settler-colonial projects, and as a brand of bigotry to be opposed by the radical left not through assimilation, but universalism and solidarity with all people.

Barnaby wrote the essay Jewophobia for Salvage and the op-ed Ilhan Omar should be more radical about Israel, not less for The Guardian.

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Barnaby Raine

Barnaby Raine is a writer and doctoral student in history at Columbia University.


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