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The future of Brazil's young democracy is at stake: An election report from the edge of fascism.


He's announced that he wants to either exile or arrest everybody on the left in Brazil, he's talked about how a great way to get Brazil back on track is to kill 30,000 people. He's an actual fascist. The Brazilian military dictatorship kept the torch of fascism alive after the Nazi era ended. That's why the term 'neofascist' was coined in the 70s by Noam Chomsky - to describe the dictatorships in Latin America. And Bolsonaro wants to go back to a dictatorship.

Live from São Paulo, Brian Mier reports on the stakes of Sunday's elections in Brazil - from the frontrunning neofascist candidate Jair Bolsonaro's existential threat to Brazil's young democracy, to the mass online disinformation campaign and complicit Northern mainstream press that made his sudden rise possible.

Brian translated the recent articles Bolsonaro and the Institutionalization of Necropolitics and International Interests and the destruction of Brazilian Democracy for New Socialist.

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Brian Mier

Brian Mier is co-editor at Brasil Wire and Brazil correspondant for TeleSur English's news program From the South.


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