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Bipartisanship is regular people being shot by both sides of the aisle.


For most of the people who invoke bipartisanship, when they say we need to get back to the 'reasonable center' where everyone agrees, what they really mean is 'we'd like everyone to join us in a place where politics is primarily concerned with privatizing Social Security and building prisons and upping military spending from stratospheric to cosmic levels.' It's really just a call for things to continue as they are with less resistance from the populist left or right.

Journalist Luke Savage explains how bipartisanship (and the corporate media's obsession with politicians working together) is a weapon turned against the possibilities of democratic politics - uniting the interests of the ruling class, shifting the narrowed political horizon rightward and enforcing a grim status quo for most people with nothing to vote for.

Luke wrote the article The Curse of Bipartisanship for Current Affairs.

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Luke Savage

Luke Savage is a writer and blogger based in Toronto.


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