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The past cannot be bygone: Post-war battles for land and justice in Sri Lanka.


You can book rooms in Thalsevana resort by going to the Sri Lankan Navy website and booking some wonderful time in a seven star resort, whereas the chief minister of the Northern Provinces would have to seek permission from the Naval authorities to be able to go into the resort. This is a complete takeover of land which comes with the intent of dispossession, economically and politically, of an already marginalized community of Tamils.

The Oakland Institute’s Anuradha Mittal examines the failures of post-war reconciliation in Sri Lanka, as the military occupies swathes of  the country's land and budget, while the Tamil minority remains displaced, or disappeared, and the the international community shelves human rights inquiries for business opportunities.

The Oakland Institute just published the report Justice Denied: A Reality Check on Resettlement, Demilitarization and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

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Anuradha Mittal

Anuradha Mittal is founder and executive director of the Oakland Institute.


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