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Trump l'oeil: Some views on liberty, from a bar in Paris.


You can buy a lot of good will as an American here in Paris, when someone asks, "How's Trump?" by dropping your head in misery. Gets laughs. And when it does, I don't say, "don't laugh." Because that would lead to me saying, "Oh, you think it can't happen here? I guess you better laugh while you can."

Dans un moment de vérité, Jeff Dorchen reports live from Paris, on the city's Rabelaisian origin story, the possibility of the French right taking power, the problem with talking about whether France has a problem, and change, and laughter, and the structural integrity of a wall made of interlocking male and female sex parts.

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Jeff Dorchen

Jeff is a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, fiction writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter. He's been a playwright, songwriter, and performer with Chicago's Theater Oobleck since 1988, a writer and actor with Red Baron Films since 2000, and a contributor to This Is Hell! since 1996. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


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