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On silver linings, and other cloud-based Christian marketing strategies.


I don't believe in weeding negative people out of my life. I think that's the coward's way. Not because I need them as an allies, but because I have completely unwarranted confidence in my resilient grace. Jerks can annoy me, thugs can hijack my quasi-democracy, fascists might swarm and dismantle everything I and my community have built. But they can't defeat my grace. The worst they can do is kill me. And then I'm dead, so my worries are over.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen looks up to his inspiration, beyond the Christian silver-lining-meteorological paradigm, past the turd-burden of Hillary friends on Facebook, to the good people making resistance out of lemons in the existential fight against folly, stupidity and Creamsicle-flavored fascism.

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Jeff Dorchen

According to his contacts on LinkedIn, Jeff Dorchen can do just about anything. He’s a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, poet, playwright and screenwriter.


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