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A view on Trump and Mexico, from the other side of a future wall.


Here's a billionaire telling people that instead of looking up to find out who's keeping them down, they should look along side them and blame somebody else in the same conditions but a different color, or from a different country, or of a different religion. That's the division, that's the hate, and that's the big lie about what's really wrong with the United States today.

Live from DC, Laura Carlsen reports from the inauguration of Donald Trump and explains what his "America First" rhetoric means for US-Mexico relations - from a dangerous misunderstanding of trade between the two nations, to the risk of drug war and immigration policies boosting cartel violence along and across the border.

Laura just posted the article Bringing Mexico to Its Knees Will Not “Make America Great Again” at Counterpunch.

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Laura Carlsen

Laura Carlsen is the director of the Americas program at the Center for International Policy.


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