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Fighting coal's power from Germany's ancient Hambach Forest.


I'm not saying if we shut down all the coal plants tomorrow that we wouldn't have problems. Obviously we would, we still rely on it. What I'm saying is that it's something we have to do way faster, in 5 years or in 8 years. It's not something we have to do in the next 30 or 35 years.

Live from Germany, Manuel Carrasco Molina explains how anti-coal protest actions in the ancient Hambach Forest are challenging the political power of the extractive energy industry, and calls for investments to drastically accelerate renewable energy across Germany, and beyond the false choice of nuclear vs coal.

Manuel is a Green Party politician in Kerpen, Germany.

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Manuel Carrasco Molina

Manuel Carrasco Molina is a Green Party and city council member in Kerpen, Germany.


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