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Possibility and fear as Uzbekistan moves beyond Karimov's rule.

Sep 10 2016

Uzbekistan has a very high literacy rate, it has a relatively well educated population - it's not like there's a lack of talented people who, if they were able to get into power, could do a good job of reforming things and dismantling current state systems. But this is very unlikely to happen because there's such a harsh punishment for deviating from state directives.

Writer Sarah Kendzior examines the state of politics in Uzbekistan after the death of its only president, Islam Karmimov - from the anxiety over the nation's future leadership and current economic problems, to the persistence of a Soviet-era system of violent repression against political dissent - and explains why she holds some hope that young Uzbeks can shape the nation's government, if they can survive it.

Sarah wrote the article Uzbekistan’s real problem is not terrorism, it’s politics for Politico Europe, and posted a collection of academic and press writing on the country at her website.

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Sarah Kendzior

Sarah Kendzior is a St. Louis-based writer, anthropologist and researcher.


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