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Dating advice from a man haunted by the specter of capitalist narration.


Not long after the bungee incident, I began to notice a change in how I viewed aspects of my life. I have never been a particularly materialistic person, but suddenly I was measuring myself in terms of how I might appear to some disembodied judge, according to what my possessions said about my financial situation.

Poor Jeff Dorchen tries to go on a date and winds up taking home an internalized capitalist narrator in his crappy car.

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Jeff Dorchen

Jeff is a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, fiction writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter. He's been a playwright, songwriter, and performer with Chicago's Theater Oobleck since 1988, a writer and actor with Red Baron Films since 2000, and a contributor to This Is Hell! since 1996. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


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