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The Rise of the Tradwife / Sarah Bouillete & Astrid Lorange

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The family has been made and remade time again to be the load bearing institution of capital accumulation: this persistent push to push debt and responsibility and care downwards into the privatized family unit, withdrawing from the social store and ensuring that states don't become, in their mind, overburdened with welfare. The family as the private unit that should be able to shoulder all of this responsibility in the reproduction…I think that what we see with the tradwife is an expression of this family in crisis that is informed by COVID and post-Trump conservative politics, global politics, and interlocking crises. It's also an expression of a particular kind of reactionary anti-feminism and how that matches up with popular movements like incels, the anti trans panic, and the gender and sex panic that we are very much living in now.

Sarah Bouillete and Astrid Lorange join This Is Hell! to discuss what they call, "inexorable rise of the tradwife: the social media influencer who embodies an idealized aesthetic of wifehood" in their recent Verso piece, "From Scratch." After the interview, we check the mailbag.

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Astrid Lorange

Astrid Lorange is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Art & Design at the University of New South Wales. She is one half of the critical art collective Snack Syndicate and a co-editor of Rosa Press. 


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Sarah Brouillette

Sarah Brouillette is a Professor in the Department of English at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.