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We Have Not Had Enough Campus Protest in the US / Erik Baker

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There's a now a whole generation of college students who are learning a lesson about empowerment. When you when you see the institutions you're involved in complicit with really atrocious activities, you have to stand up, you have to make people mad, cause discomfort. I think that that's a lesson that is going to stick with students they leave Harvard.

Historian Erik Baker on his Boston Review article, "The Real Scandal of Campus Protest: It’s not that there has been too much student protest. It’s that there has not been much, much more of it." Jeff Dorchen joins us with "The Moment of Truth" after the interview.

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Eric baker

Erik Baker

Erik Baker is Lecturer in History of Science at Harvard and an associate editor at The Drift. His writing has also appeared in The Nation, n+1, and elsewhere.