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The Erasure of Palestinian Society / Wendy Pearlman

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Israel and external parties have failed the Palestinian people. They have protested. They have demonstrated. And of course, as we have seen again, there are times when some Palestinians turn to violent means as well again, and again calling for their collective rights. And until those rights are recognized, until there is some space where Palestinians can live in freedom and not live under the yoke of occupation and rule by another party, another state that denies their rights. They will continue to dissent in whatever form, be it armed or not armed.

Wendy Pearlman discusses her New Lines Magazine article, "The Erasure of Palestinian Society." Seb's final (at least for a while, we hope) "The Past Inside the Present" follows the interview.

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Wendy Pearlman

Wendy Pearlman is an author and associate professor at Northwestern University's Department of Political Science.


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