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How Police Undermine The Promise of Body Cameras / Eric Umansky

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I don't think police are any worse human beings than anybody else. I think that they have very difficult jobs, but that the way that policing works in the United States is that there's a lot of secrecy. There's a lot of deference, and there's little accountability. When you have that combination of things, that's a kind of breeding ground, um, for problematic conduct. I think the majority of police officers are doing their best to do a good job. But when you have those combinations, the real question is what happens when when an officer is doing something they shouldn't, what happens at that point?

ProPublica editor-at-large Eric Umansky joins This Is Hell! to discuss his recent ProPublica article, "How Police Have Undermined the Promise of Body Cameras." A new Rotten History follows the interview.

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Eric Umansky

Eric Umansky is an editor-at-large at ProPublica, where he has overseen two Pulitzer Prize-winning projects. Most recently, a series he edited on NYPD abuse of “nuisance abatement” laws won the Pulitzer Gold Medal for Public Service.