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Twitter's Death and Anti-Trans Strategies / Chrissy Stroop

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It would clearly mean that we go back to a very unjust America in which white, straight, cis, hetero-normative men are at the top of the social hierarchy, and everyone else is a second class citizen. That's where they want to take us.

openDemocracy's Chrissy Stroop on Twitter's death and what it means for the 2024 presidential election and anti-trans activists taking a page from the anti-abortion movement's winning playbook.

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Chrissy Stroop

An ex-evangelical writer, speaker and advocate, Chrissy Stroop is (with Lauren O’Neal) co-editor of the essay anthology ‘Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church’. A senior correspondent for Religion Dispatches, her work has also appeared in Dame Magazine, Foreign Policy, The Boston Globe, Playboy, Political Research Associates and other outlets, including peer-reviewed academic journals. Stroop has a PhD in modern Russian history from Stanford University, and is a senior research associate with the University of Innsbruck’s Postsecular Conflicts project. In 2019, she came out as a transgender woman and began her journey of medical transition. She lives in Portland, Oregon, US.



Chrissy Stroop


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