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Ukrainian Victims of Russian Sexual Violence Seen as Collaborators / Alice Speri

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It's not just victims of sexual violence who are being singled out as collaborators, but, but in the particular case of victims of sexual violence, many of them are not coming forward because of this concern that they are going to be billed as traitors and potentially even investigated as collaborators.

The Intercept's Alice Speri joins This Is Hell! to discuss her report on Ukrainian victims of Russian atrocities being seen as collaborators. Then a Moment of Truth from Jeff Dorchen.

Check out Alice's article, "Enemies Within A Ukrainian Woman Protected Her Daughter From Russian Soldiers — and Was Accused of Collaborating With the Enemy" 

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Alice Speri

Alice Speri is a reporter at The Intercept writes about U.S. foreign policy, abuses by military and security forces, and the repression of dissent. She has reported from Ukraine, Palestine, Haiti, El Salvador, Colombia, and across the United States. She is originally from Italy and lives in the Bronx.