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When the climate crisis is an incarceration crisis.


One third of jails and prisons in the US are less than 3 miles away from a Superfund clean-up site. Those are sites that are highly contaminated, that the EPA says 'nobody should be living here,' and it's definitely not coincidental - it's such a massive number... You have people reporting from many different jails that they have horrible medical problems. The consequences of building prisons in these super cheap, undesirable sites - I'm not sure if the people building these things really do not care - or they do take them into consideration, and it's another way of punishing.

Writer Daniela Ochoa-Bravo on the deep social crises of mass incarceration and ecological destruction, prisoners as immoble and invisible subjects of the state, and her article When Climate Disaster and Mass Incarceration Collide for In These Times.

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Daniela Ochoa-Bravo

Daniela Ochoa-Bravo is a mixed-media artist, writer and researcher based in Brooklyn.


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