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Platforms, power and telling the truth about nature.


Environmentalism has come to a point where it needs to confront this new emperor - it cannot make headway, in terms of tackling the multiple environmental crises we're in, unless it also tackles platform capitalism, unless it also tackles these new social and digital media platforms - and democratizes them.

Sociologist Bram Büscher on the politics of truth, power and environmentalism under communication networks dominated by capital, the urgent need to democratize media platforms while the idea of a commons still holds, and his book The Truth about Nature: Environmentalism in the Era of Post-truth Politics and Platform Capitalism from University of California Press.

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Bram Buscher

Bram Büscher is Professor and Chair of the Sociology of Development and Change group at Wageningen University and holds visiting positions at the University of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch University.


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