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I don't think the future is cancelled anymore: On class struggle after COVID-19.


The thing that's unique here - it's not that there's a pandemic, it's not that there's capitalism, it's not that there's resource extraction - the things that are unique about this moment are, for the first time, capitalism has gone global, and the mechanisms and systems that comprise what we refer to and think about as capitalism are actually these really complex, and extended, and diffuse systems within a larger system - that are really delicate, because they're highly optimized to capital accumulation and nothing else.

Cosmonaut's Remi Debs Bruno and Medway Baker explore the possible futures of politics and society after the COVID-19 pandemic, and explain why a new, post-neoliberal world is finally up for grabs - if the left can seize it from the grasp of a rising populist right that sees the same opportunity.

Remi and Medway wrote the essay The End of the End of History: COVID-19 and 21st Century Fascism for Cosmonaut.

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Medway Baker

Medway Baker is a writer and editor at Cosmonaut.



Remi Debs Bruno

Remi Debs Bruno is a freelance writer, copy editor and operations manager at Cosmonaut.


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