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On life and work under the lifework regime - and maybe one day beyond it.


We've seen the security of your job breaking down, while simultaneously the amount of you that can be put to work is greatly expanded. It's a combination of new kinds of insecurity setting into our general lives, just at the same time more and more of us can be monetized. Of course a Silicon Valley entrepreneur would tell you it's a great thing that you can be using a side-hustle, you can be camming on Snapchat or selling on eBay every hour of the day - it's very rarely you who is going to be seeing the benefit of that.

Mareile Pfannebecker and J. A. Smith examine the realities of life swallowed by labor in the neoliberal era - as we spend more time working for other people (at work, on our phones) for less and less, the lines between work and not-work blur enough to see a future beyond the capitalist machine.

Mareile and J. A. are authors of Work, Want, Work: Labour and Desire at the End of Capitalism from Zed Books.

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J.A. Smith

James A. Smith is a lecturer in the English department at Royal Holloway, University of London.



Mareile Pfannebecker

Mareile Pfannebecker is a writer and translator based in Manchester.


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