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Forever war now: On the present and future of American automated warfare.


We can talk about missile defense or drone swarms all day, but when we talk about the actual impacts of war, a lot of that is lost. And so when we're talking just about Russia and China in a vacuum, we forget we're already embroiled in eight other wars. What automation really ends up doing is making it so not only do we have one endless war on terror but hundreds of other wars going on simultaneously, that no one knows exist.

Allegra Harpootlian and Emily Manna explore the present and future of America's AI wars - as automated weaponry spreads across the globe, its expansion relies on government secrecy, political unaccountability and the work of tech companies on the new frontier of the military industrial complex.

Allegra and Emily wrote the article The End of War Is Just a Beginning for TomDispatch.

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Allegra Harpootlian

Allegra Harpootlian is a Media Associate in the Peace and Security Collaborative at ReThink Media and a Political Partner with the Truman National Security Project.



Emily Manna

Emily Manna is a policy analyst at Open the Government.


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