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The new imperialism: On corporate hegemony and lawfare in Brazil - and beyond.


It's the new imperialism. It's not just governments anymore, it's corporations and governments. It's not just the CIA, it's corporate and outsourced intelligence companies. The whole conjunction has changed, but the results are the same. US corporations act with the US government to enact regime change to benefit their own interests - as they have been doing in Latin America since the late 1800s at least.

Live from São Paulo, Brian Mier connects a fascist coup in Brazil to an imperialist agenda in the US - toppling center-left governments in Latin America with disinformation campaigns and targeted judicial lawfare operations, subverting democracy in service of the demands of global capitalism.

Brian is co-editor of the new book of interviews Year of Lead: Washington, Wall Street and the New Imperialism in Brazil from Brasilwire.

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Brian Mier

Brian Mier is co-editor at Brasil Wire, Brazil correspondant for TeleSur English's news program From the South, and host of Globalistas on TV 247. You can follow Brian on his Substack.


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